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Manufacturing and Steel

American Steel Coalition

Manufacturing is vital to the health of the American economy. The Steel industry, which has long been considered the backbone of American manufacturing, provides an essential material for downstream manufacturers in the automotive energy, machinery and equipment, container, appliance and rail industries. Steel is a critical building material for the nation's infrastructure and is crucial to our national defense. Steel is also a job multiplier. For every direct job in the steel industry, seven jobs are created in other sectors thus generating over one million direct and indirect manufacturing jobs. American families and communities depend on a strong manufacturing base to improve our quality of life and to create high-paying jobs.

In order to maintain a vibrant and thriving manufacturing sector, our policymakers must strive to implement policies that will continue to rebuild our economy and create jobs. Our Administration and Congress need to take steps to minimize burdensome regulations and taxes, invest in transportation and energy infrastructure, and promote exports while enforcing the trade laws. We must confront foreign governments that continue to practice unfair trade policies, such as currency undervaluation and circumvention of trade law orders, and get them to play by the rules. Never before have we been at a juncture where it is more critical for our government to stand up for our nation's workers and our manufacturing sector. This is the very security of our economic foundation.

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