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Developing a comprehensive energy plan is critical if we want to maintain a dominant role on the global stage. In order for the U.S. to remain internationally competitive, we must look for an abundant, reliable and affordable supply of energy. We have plenty of viable options right here on our shores such as unexplored oil reserves in the outer continental shelf and natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.

Additionally, harmful regulations such as those imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its effort to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act continue to hurt manufacturers. These unilateral regulations will negatively impact American manufacturing jobs while at the same time allowing emissions to increase from sources in nations without similar regulations.

These detrimental regulations should be overturned immediately and replaced with a comprehensive legislative approach to climate change. Such an approach should promote greater development of domestic energy sources, incentives for efficiency improvements and additional support for industry efforts to develop breakthrough technologies.

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