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Charter for the American Steel Coalition

The American Steel Coalition, representing steel suppliers, customers, and concerned citizens, is committed to ensuring a robust U.S. steel industry. The Coalition brings together members from across the country – ranging from small companies to large steel customers to individuals – who agree that a strong independent steel industry is vital to our nation’s prosperity and national security.

The competitiveness of the domestic steel industry is steadfastly linked with the success of Coalition members, whether they are suppliers of materials or services, or customers of steel products and byproducts. The policy issues that impact steel industry companies are, therefore, of critical importance to Coalition members as well. The Coalition is engaged in a number of key policy issues, including international trade, manufacturing, environment, energy, and transportation and infrastructure, where we have shared perspectives and interests with the steel industry.

The Coalition offers a platform for its members to tell their side of the story. Members of the American Steel Coalition serve as a resource to the media, policy and decision makers and the American public, providing concrete examples to support the President’s steel program. Additionally, the Coalition encourages its members to make their voices known to decision and policy makers and supports this discussion through a program of public policy advocacy, development and distribution of information materials and media outreach.

American Steel Coalition membership is ongoing and voluntary. It is open to individuals and companies who support the steel industry.

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