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The American Steel Coalition (ASC) is a national organization that aims to ensure a viable and competitive American steel industry through its support of effective domestic policy.   Comprised of small businesses, large companies and individuals, the American Steel Coalition believes that a strong, independent steel industry is vital to our nation’s prosperity and national security.

The people who make up the ASC are all part of the extensive steel supplier and customer community across America.  For every one of the steel industry’s 135,000 direct jobs, the steel sector generates seven jobs in upstream and downstream industries.  Thus, total direct and indirect employment for the American steel industry is over one million high-value jobs.   

Coalition members are individuals who are greatly concerned about the future of American manufacturing and specifically, we are dedicated to ensuring a robust U.S. steel industry through fair, enforceable global trade practices.  The ASC recognizes that a strong, independent steel industry is vital to the nation’s prosperity and national security.  ASC members are speaking out to advance issues important to the health and viability of America’s domestic steel industry.   Whether this is through face-to-face meetings on the Hill, op ed articles in our regional newspapers or writing to the President, we recognize that the future well-being of the American steel industry depends on each one of us making our voice heard.  Together, through the American Steel Coalition, those of us who are part of this grassroots movement can make an even bigger impact by speaking with a unified voice across the entire nation.

The issues ahead will vary, from concerns about energy and raw materials to keeping our trade laws strong to advancing a broad, pro-manufacturing agenda.  But whatever the hot button issue of the idea, we can bring our influence to bear through the voice of the American Steel Coalition.  

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